The most intimate thing about being with the person you love are the experiences you both share that brings you closer. We like to think that Maldives has a little something to offer every couple with a personal slice of romantic getaways that’s just right for you and your loved one. There’s a myriad of escapes that can engulf the two of you providing a canvas for memories that will never be washed away like your footsteps on the white shores. A starry ephemeral night that’s lucid and long-lasting in your two hearts? A wondrous voyage to a nearby uninhabited island where it’s just the two of you and the waves that crash softly? You can find it all here in the Maldives. It’s the perfect diversion from the humdrum of life and it’s series of ordinary events. The perfect opportunity to disconnect from everything and take every magical moment as it gently whizzes by you.


Intimate Pampering

There’s nothing like a quiet moment under a blanket of stars with your significant other as you both enjoy one of the most relaxing Balinese massages. The smell of essential oils mixed with the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves kissing the nearby shores, it’s definitely an experience that you can’t miss if you’re in Maldives. Some of the resorts like Cheval Blanc and Intercontinental Hotel have overwater spas where you can relax to the light meditative sounds reverberating mixing with the soft saunter of the nightly zephyr. If you’d like to experience the marine life  pampering experience Huvafen Fushi offers one of the best underwater spa experiences in Maldives.


Island Hopping

For those of you looking for a more adventurous escapade, you can take out a traditional dhoni at sunset and let the ocean whisk you away onto the serene shores of an uninhabited island where it’s just you and your loved one surrounded by the vast blue ocean for miles and miles. It’s the definition of privacy and the essence of authentic Maldives.


Luxury Cruising

Chartering a private luxury yacht and spending the day out at sea is one of the most titillating and peaceful experiences you can have in Maldives. You get your own cabin and all the meals while you’re at sea leaving everything that connects to the real world and it’s woes back on land. It’s the ultimate escape with your significant other. Enjoy a few cocktails on the deck while you listen to some soothing tones that mix in with the ocean waves. If you’re feeling adventurous you can take a trip to some of the most renowned surf spots and catch a few waves with the equipment on board. If you love underwater you can ask the staff on board to take you to a few snorkel spots where you can catch a glimpse of the underwater beauty that Maldives has to offer. All while enjoying full privacy from the outside world.


Dine Under The Stars

Ancient Greeks were of the opinion that the tiny flickering stars that we see in our night sky are holes on the floor of heaven. Now imagine being completely blanketed by those tiny little flickering lights while you enjoy a gastronomic meal with your loved one. Tiny candles flickering all around you bring into vision the soft rose petals spread all across the white beach as you engage in intimate conversations with your favorite person. 


Private Fishing

Most of the islands have private speed boats with all the gear setup for an intimate night with your loved one while you’re both waiting patiently for a little nod on the nylon. With light conversation and the subtle excitement of catching some fish. When you’re done with the experience and made your way to the shores again you can have the chef cook you an amazing dish with the catch of the day. Mix it with the above experience and you get a day that will be etched in memory forever.


Couples Yoga At The Crack Of Dawn

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to some light in-villa dining, dressing up in your favorite workout clothes and setting off to catch that early sunrise. Dawn cracks across the horizon unfurling first light as you and your loved one enjoy a session of yoga with your personal instructor. Feet and hands on the white sand as you stretch and let your inner chi flow. It’s definitely an experience that will get your day started the right way and a fleeting moment that you get to take with you for a long time to come.