This guide is some of the new standards put into place in restarting tourism in the Maldives and welcoming back our visitors into the shores once again. Maldives has been fast to take action against the pandemic and has put into place every precaution and international best practices to guard and protect our travelers against any possible ramifications from the pandemic.

Maldives has reopened it's borders to all visitors from 15th of July, 2020. The provision of visa has been reverted to it's standard procedure where each tourist will get a free 30 day visa upon arrival without any restrictions.

Is it safe to travel to Maldives right now?

With it’s one island - one resort concept Maldives is definitely one of the most safest destinations to travel to right now. The airport is on an isolated island ensuring that arrival and departure procedures are as safe as they can be. The airport staff are trained to best international practices on safe distancing and precautionary measures as well. At the resorts, staff are well prepared to implement government regulated safety measures while still making your trip the most perfect getaway during this time.

Guideline for Accomodation

These are the main guidelines that are set on our transition to the new normal. Some of these guidelines are set by the government as mandatory while some of them are just simple precautions you should take on your next visit. 

Prior to Arrival

Guests are required to fill a health declaration card with 24 hours of arrival. Visitors are also required to bring masks and advised to follow any other precautionary method.

Upon Arrival to Maldives

The airport staff takes great precautionary measure in ensuring our visitors are as safe as they can be. Social distancing and sanitization methods are implemented. The standard has been set to make it as easy to the tourist as possible while making sure every measure has been taken to ensure visitor safety.

Transfers and Transits

Airport transfers will only be allowed through pick-ups by pre-booked tourist facilities.