There's a new update on the pandemic regulations that guests have to follow if they want to travel to the Maldives. With the new ruling, the health protection agency (HPA) requires tourists arriving at Maldives to present a negative test result for a nucleic acid test (PCR) for Covid-19. The regulation took effect on September 10th.

The sample for the said test must be taken not more than 72 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure from the first port of embarkation en route to Maldives. However, please be informed that infants aged less than one year old are exempted from the aforementioned testing requirement.

This regulation was put forth by the Ministry of Tourism and Health Protection Agency to ensure that Maldives is and will continue to be a  safe haven for our tourists and to make sure that all measures are taken to fight against the global pandemic. Everyone involved in the collective travel industry have been very forthright in fortifying our guests and still achieving the same magical experience that Maldives has to offer. 

We at Amazing Asia Travels, thank all our guests for the continued support & cooperation during this challenging time, on behalf of the entire travel industry in Maldives.